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I'm sharing everything I've learned over 30 years in practices, tips and tricks.  

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I am a content-creator for several radio stations across the country and I LOVE the craft of communicating.  Whether it's radio, or video, or social media, I study it all and love to take what I'm learning and present it in a way that helps others.  

⦿ Content creator/radio host who's been creating 25 radio breaks a day for 30 years.

⦿ Created workshops for finding and creating show content.

⦿ Written articles on Show prep, de-escalating controversy, growing as a content creator.

⦿ Designed a home radio studio from scratch

⦿ An absolute productivity fanatic.  Learning how to work smarter not harder

About Me

I am a free-lance radio host/content-creator for several radio stations across the country.  

⦿ 2018-present 98.5 Minneapolis/St. Paul, XFM Radio Network: Champaign IL, Kingston, NY, Riverside County, CA, Vero Beach, FL, Cape Coral, FL, New Brunswick. CN, Bozeman, MT, Pullman WA, Lake Havasu, AZ, Columbus, IN, New Orleans, LA, Brewton, AL, Knoxville, TN, Harrington DE

⦿ 2007-2018 Local midday host in Minneapolis/St. Paul

⦿ 2014-present Imaging Voice for 106.9 The Light Asheville, NC

⦿ Voice-overs 2005-present

⦿ 1990 - 2007  Talent Agent 1990-2007

⦿ Performance Seminar Creator  1990-2007

⦿ Hosted Gateway to Joy with Elisabeth Elliot International Radio Show heard on 375 stations

⦿ Hosted a radio show for the Skylight Satellite Network


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